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Fault tolerant availability for critical applications and virtualised workloads

Emergency Services organisations across the UK trust MIS to keep their servers running 24/7, with our industry know-how, consulting services and expertise, find out how we can bring continuous availability and 99.999% uptime to your business.
World Class Resilience

Every component of a continuous availability solution from MIS is designed to prevent unplanned downtime, not simply allow for quick recovery, as high-availability clusters and “robust” conventional servers are engineered to do. The fact that Continuous Processing features operate transparently and automatically means that no human intervention, or additional programming or testing, are required for Windows applications to benefit from a fully fault-tolerant server environment.

Two Best in Class solutions:

MIS can help you choose the right solution for your requirements and budget

Stratus ftServer hardware: the ultimate in Continuous Availability solutions


In today’s business world, seconds matter. Downtime in critical applications, such as financial transactions, industrial automation and other vital infrastructure, has wide ranging economic, security and legal consequences. For these applications, recovering from a failure, no matter how fast this may be, is simply not an option.

This is where an always-on continuously available solution that proactively prevents application downtime and data loss is required.

MIS Systems Engineering can size, provide and configure an ftServer® platform from Stratus Technologies, which enables you to achieve all these goals and more.

Stratus’ ftServer prevents downtime and data loss before it occurs, without a performance hit to your system or applications.


Leveraging the latest Intel processor technology and supporting Windows, Linux and virtualisation technology (VMware and Hyper-V), ftServer’s always-on capabilities are achieved with advanced lockstep technology and real-time management and monitoring.

This operationally simple solution is quickly and easily installed and is serviced by automatically generated replacement parts ordering.  Famous for its longevity- giving you the miles you need out of your system – ftServer runs and keeps on running, eliminating the need for frequent technical refreshes


  • Achieves unmatched business continuity and data integrity by preventing downtimeSimplifies operations with easy installation, configuration and management

  • Supports standard operating systems (Windows and Linux) working seamlessly with existing system management tools and applications

  • Virtualises with ease for optimal efficiencies with support for VMware and Hyper-V

  • Accelerates processing speed by improving network I/O latency, bandwidth and message rates

  • Delivers outstanding serviceability with automatic ordering and replacement, hot plug and play, and 24/7 system monitoring – eliminating the need for IT intensive resources

  • Promotes long term value with system longevity, minimizing the need for frequent technical refreshes


Embedded Monitoring: The Automated Uptime Software Layer™ identifies, manages and takes corrective action on failed components before they impact operations by monitoring more than 500 system components.

Lockstep Technology: Unique to the industry, ftServer’s mirrored hardware components process the same instructions in “lockstep” — at the same exact time.  In the event of a component malfunction, the mirrored component continues processing without missing a beat.

Simplified Configuration: ftServer provides a “single system view” that presents and manages replicated ftServer components as a single system image. Applications run without modification and only a single copy of software is required. With one system view, installation, configuration and management is simplified.

System Generated Replacement Ordering: Hot-swappable customer replacement units (CRUs) are easily replaced, without user intervention or any special tools, while ftServer and your applications continue to run.

Performance Monitoring: Automatically detect system performance issues on premise with continuous monitoring of your hardware, operating systems, software applications and remote devices.

Remote Availability Management & Service: Our award winning service with unmatched customer satisfaction has made us the envy of the industry.


everRun Enterprise software: a fault-tolerant and high availability solution for Microsoft and Linux applications


everRun software transforms standard, off the shelf 
hardware into a Fault Tolerant and High Availability solution.

Unlike cluster based solutions, Stratus’ everRun prevents downtime, rather than recovering from it. And that difference has a big impact on your revenue, costs, customer satisfaction and efficiency rates.

everRun is quick and easy to use with click and go installation and centralized management tools requiring no special skills, saving you in IT overhead. And its comprehensive monitoring and notification features are the reasons we call it “worry-free computing”.

  • Provides cost-effective high availability efficiently with two off-the-shelf x86 servers and your choice of storage in one easy to use product. Other methods of achieving availability require additional servers, expensive storage options and a separate virtualisation product

  • Ensures business continuity, compliance and SLAs with no business interruptions or in-flight data loss by preventing applications from downtime onsite or offsite

  • Installs easily without modifications to applications or the need for specialised IT skills making it ideal for remote locations

  • Protects symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) and multi-core workloads with both fault-tolerant and high availability from one solution for all your availability needs


How Does everRun Work? 
Two servers are linked via a virtualisation platform that pairs protected virtual machines together to create a single operating environment. We call this technology everRun Availability Services. If one physical machine should fail, the application will continue to run on the other physical machine without any interruptions or data loss.  If a hardware component fails, everRun substitutes the healthy component from the second system until the failed component is repaired or replaced.

The I/O is automatically mirrored to the redundant server. This “statepointing” ensures all in-flight transactions as well as data in memory and cache is preserved — without machine restarts or data loss.

Availability Services: lie at the heart of everRun.

Complete with selectable availability, you can designate fault-tolerant availability or high availability for each VM. everRun ensures you won’t have business interruptions because your applications co-exist on two virtual machines, without changes to your applications, data loss or machine restarts. 

Protect against localised disaster with SplitSite metro-wide offsite downtime prevention. 
SplitSite provides application availability across geographically separated sites using synchronous replication.

Monitor All Your Solution Components from a Single Pane of Glass.

everRun Monitor powered by Sightline Assure is an add-on to everRun. It is designed to provide operational managers with a single, unified view of the status of the complete everRun stack from the hardware upon which everRun resides, to the operating systems and software applications running on top of everRun.


Stratus is the proven leader in application availability and has been for over 35 years. For solutions that must not fail — at the edge of the network, in any industry, in any size organization — everRun is the availability solution you can rely on to meet your ever increasing demands in this always-on world.

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