MIS ownCloud

Enterprise level secure document collaboration solution

MIS ownCloud delivers to schools and universities a comprehensive and flexible file sharing and collaboration solution at a subscription-based price point that fits well within the tight IT budgets of modern educational institutions.


Key features:

  • Collaboration: Students are often assigned to work in groups for projects. Notoriously busy, it can be hard for students to take the time out to meet with their classmates to finish the assignment together. MIS ownCloud now makes it easier than ever with tags, comments and an updated activity feed, the students can now seamlessly collaborate on the project document.

  • Versioning: Students frequently lose file versions or have unwanted changes made to collaborative documents. With the Versions application enabled, MIS ownCloud automatically saves old file versions, you configure how much to save. To revert, a user can simply hover over the file and roll back to a previous version.

  • File Drop: this feature allows students to drop assignments into a specified folder without providing access to the work of others in the same folder.

Flexible access

The goal of ownCloud is to give users access to their files wherever they are. While the web interface brings considerable flexibility and portability, users often work with documents and pictures directly on their desktop. The desktop clients make sharing and collaboration a breeze.

  • Browse files and folders in the native Finder or Explorer

  • Automatically sync the latest files and folders across PCs

  • Sync and share the latest files and folders with other users and groups

  • Selectively sync additional folders from anywhere on the user PC

  • Control default sync behavior for new files and folders, setting max file size for sync

  • Use the new activity tab to track server-side activities

  • Pause and resume uploads and downloads automatically

  • Clients for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

MIS ownCloud is a file sharing solution that is as easy to use as Dropbox, but gives IT departments at educational institutions complete control over sensitive data and documents. MIS ownCloud is currently being adopted by educational institutions faster than by any other type of customer.

MIS ownCloud works well across all major operating systems and mobile devices in use at today’s schools and universities. Whether students come equipped with iPhones or Android devices, Macs or PCs, Chrome or Safari or any other major platform, it delivers a seamless experience. MIS ownCloud provides one central, controllable and audit-able location for client access to any file with appropriate backup and redundancy.