Fault Tolerant Solutions

Fault tolerant availability for critical applications

Emergency Services organisations across the UK trust MIS to keep their servers running 24/7, with our industry know-how, consulting services and expertise, find out how we can bring continuous availability and 99.999% uptime to your business.

What is a Stratus Server?
A family of fault-tolerant servers based on industry standard components and operating systems engineered to eliminate single points of failure ensuring the availability and integrity of your customer’s business-critical applications.

What can a Stratus Server do?
In today’s business world where seconds matter and organisations can’t afford the consequences associated with interruptions to their critical applications. The Stratus ftServer System ensures ZERO unplanned downtime so business processing can continue without disruption avoiding the financial impact, customer loss, and damage to reputation that frequently accompany a unforeseen downtime incident.

What makes a Stratus Server different?
The Stratus ftServer is the only solution in the marketplace based on industry-standard hardware and software components that proactively prevents downtime and data loss before it occurs, without incurring a performance penalty to your applications. While competitive clustering and replication solutions may provide quick reaction and recovery to an outage, they are not specifically designed to prevent a failure event from occurring. Organisations who want to feel confident that their systems won’t fail and won’t lose data, can trust Stratus’ ftServer to protect the applications they cannot live without.

  • Prevent downtime and avoid data loss or corruption

  • ​Speed deployment of revenue-producing applications

  • ​Minimise reliance on costly, hard-to-find technical staff​

  • Integrate seamlessly into existing IT ecosystem

  • Own support of entire product: hardware, OS, hyper-visor


Ask yourself these Questions: 

  • Have you deployed applications deemed critical to the operations of your business?

  • What happens if those applications go down?

  • How does this impact your business?  

  • How much data can you afford to lose and how quickly do you need the application to be back online?

  • Has your organisation suffered a significant loss due to unplanned downtime of these applications?  

  • Are you currently using an availability solution to help protect these applications?

  • Is the annual amount of downtime and its financial impact on your organisation measured?

  • Is this acceptable? 

  • Is your current IT department sufficiently skilled to manage the deployment of a high availability solution?

  • Do you have the resources and time necessary to administer a solution that may require multiple systems? 

  • Will you have to invest in training for your current staff or hire new personnel or consultants to implement the proposed availability solution? 

  • Are you aware of the continuum of solutions available in the market today?

  • Have you considered any of them?

Find out more and how MIS can help you find the right fault Tolerant Solution for your business.

Download the Stratus Case Study for the UK Ambulance Service

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