Data Security Solutions

The Solution is in the Cloud

Our backup solution replaces outdated technologies by utilising the power of the Internet.

You’ll still have a local on-site copy on fast but inexpensive disk storage and from there we take the data securely into our Private Cloud. 


At MIS Hosting, we use sophisticated backup software which compresses the data and where appropriate, will only copy data that has changed.  This means the copy process is both fast and secure.  MIS Hosting take the solution one stage further as once we have replicated your backup data in our Private Cloud, we then take a copy which is sent offsite – so achieving a Ransomware-proof copy isolated by an “Air Gap”.  


We restore the backup and a full data integrity check is performed and then analysed by our Systems Engineers to ensure the backup could actually be restored when needed (when was the last time you tested your backups?). 

Secure your business critical data offsite

Data is your most valuable asset. Protecting it is vital to your business.

If your business data were lost, how much time and money would you spend recovering it?

But you’ve a conflict – your users want maximum up time and don’t want to stop working, there’s never a long enough time window for you to make backup copies of the data that they are creating.

And even when you’ve completed a backup – how certain are you that it can be restored? Can you get your data back if you’re affected by a virus, a ransomware attack or somebody simply deletes something by mistake? 

How it works

You run your on-site back-up as normal so that you always have a local copy. We automatically encrypt and transfer the backup image over the Internet via secure connection to our dedicated hosting servers. The backup image is then restored and a full data integrity check performed and analysed by our Systems Engineers to ensure the backup could actually be restored. Finally, a job status notification email is sent with an easy to read summary and full detailed attachment for your records.


Deposit and retention options, depending on your specific requirements

Our minimum recommended retention period is 5 days but it’s easy to opt for 14, 30 or 90 days. It’s inexpensive too so you can afford to keep period end copies for longer. 


Easy Data Recovery

Once offsite you can rest assured your data can be fully recovered in the event of a single issue or a full scale disaster. Data can be easily and quickly transferred back to you over the Internet or by physical media.

The MIS Backup Solution achieves:

  • safest 3-2-1 backup strategy

  • backup checked for integrity

  • additional copy isolated by Air Gap

  • multiple days retained

  • MIS provide and manage the Cloud-side infrastructure


MIS Offsite Backup and Remote Data Protection is a secure data backup and recovery service that offers customers the assurance their business data will be available when and where they need it, ensuring your most valuable asset is protected against fire, flooding, hardware failure or theft.


The MIS Difference

Unlike most other offsite backup suppliers that have appeared online recently, we actually check your backups and restore them; we have been securing MIS customers, with similar systems for many years. Our methodology has been verified and proven. In addition, our qualified Systems Engineers are available to assist with any part of the data restore/recovery process.